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LittleFe Buildout Event
Topical — 2013
LittleFe is a portable mini-cluster which is small enough to fit in a shipping case, light enough to easily move between classrooms, and travels as standard checked baggage to conferences and workshops. LittleFe's primary focus is turnkey classroom demonstrations of, and exercises in, High Performance Computing (HPC), parallel programming, and Computational/Data Enabled Science and Engineering (CDESE). LittleFe supports shared memory, distributed memory, and GPGPU parallelism. LittleFe's secondary focus is as a production HPC resource for small institutions that are not yet able to afford or support a full scale cluster; in fact, LittleFe can be used as a gateway to, and development platform for full scale HPC resources. LittleFe buildout events consist of participants assembling their LittleFe unit from a kit; installing the Bootable Cluster CD (BCCD) software on it; learning about the curriculum modules available for teaching parallel programming, HPC and CDESE; and learning how to develop new curriculum modules for the LittleFe/BCCD platform.
Kansas City Convention Center
Mar 4 - Mar 4
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This LittleFe Buildout event will take place as a pre-symposium event at the SIGCSE 2015 symposium. 8 teams will learn how to assemble the LittleFe from a kit of parts, how to install the BCCD operating system, and how to use and develop curriculum modules for teaching parallel computing as it relates to computational science.
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